Cyclist Brings Her Bicycle Onto the Stage but Judges Cannot Take Their Eyes Off Her Legs

I was really proud of my bicycle riding skills, but when I saw the way this woman rode hers, I nearly drowned in shame. Nicole Frybortova takes bicycle riding to a whole new level! This cyclist has proved that the human body is capable of the most unimaginable things. While most people have never heard of professional artistic bicycling, it is actually a sport. Unfortunately, it is not often covered by the media.

Nicole started doing bike tricks when she was just seven. She now competes for Slovakia and is preparing for the World Championships in Malaysia. In this video, Nicole stuns the judges and the entire people watching her with her out of the world tricks. She mixes ballet and gymnastics into her routine and it is truly worth a watch.

Amazing Skills -- Nicole Frýbortová 2-57 screenshot


Watch Nicole’s unbelievable routine in the video below. Have you ever seen anyone do such incredible tricks before? Let us know in the comments!

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