Poor Dog’s Friend Got Killed by a Motorist, and His Heart-trending Response Made Me Cry

This video will show you a heart-wrenching story of a stray dog that will break your heart. In Zhangzhou, a city located in China’s southern Fujian province, a stray dog was seen standing by his fallen friend. His beloved female companion was struck and killed by a passing motorist leaving her friend to mourn.

According to the bystanders, the poor pup stayed by her side for hours licking her and asking her to wake up by pushing. Xiao Wu, a local butcher, who had recently started feeding these pups, said the moment was truly heartbreaking.

Loyal Dog Guards and Stands By Dead Canine Friend in Sub Zero Temperature in China _ Touching 0-45 screenshot

I couldn’t hold back my tears the entire time I watched this video. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it.

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