Mom Sings a Song to Her Twins. The Cuteness That Follows is Enough to Make Your Heart Explode

Music has a way of unleashing our deepest emotions. It helps us express our sadness and frustrations and can even make us dance with joy! And this turns out to be the case even when you’re only eight months old. Just take a look at these adorable twin babies when their Mom sings a tune!

Despite the belief of many new parents, there isn’t much that an 8-month-old can do. Yes, they are adorable little bundles of joy. However, they barely have begun to talk or walk. Fortunately, this video proves that they can recognize music. And not only that, but these baby girls are in their way of becoming little dancers!

twins dance

The twin sisters are sitting in bed, barely holding a balance. But as soon as their Mom starts humming the theme tune of the famous British drama series EastEnders, the girls start bouncing! Moreover, the twins are ecstatic as they move to the melody. But keep your eyes on the baby who’s sitting up front. She dances so hard that she falls back down! Watch the video below:

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