Cat Hilariously Crashes His Owner’s Live TV Interview But He Remains Unfazed. I Can’t Stop Laughing

A renowned Polish historian, political scientist, writer and academic Dr. Jerzy Targalski was on a live TV interview recently, when he proved that those aren’t the only things he loves.

Apparently, Targalski is dad to a few cats and he adores them. And sometimes, his cats love him more.

Like recently, while he was in an on-camera interview with Dutch news program, Nieuswuur. During the interview his orange cat named Lisio decided that it was time his human diverted his full attention to him.

In the middle of the interview, the cat started crawling up Targalski’s arm towards his shoulder. Then, to add up it, the cat decided to settle at his shoulders and start licking his ears!

While it would have been very distracting for anybody else, it didn’t seem to before Targalski, who stayed focused on his interview as if the cat was invisible! This clearly means that this is not the first time this adorable, plus hilarious incident has happened! Lisio ended up getting a lot more attention than he wanted! The interview has gone making it Targalski’s most viewed one!

If you want to know more about how much Targalski loves his cats, his Facebook profile can give you all the answers!


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