Didn’t we all have special imaginary friends growing up? Furthermore, everything we came across was our pals. Because kids have the most innocent hearts, they spread so much joy by loving everyone and hardly judge anyone.

For toddlers, friends hold the dearest and nearest place. They support and comfort them when needed. What happens when they stink? Do we just stop caring about them? Or even flush them down the toilet?


Oh! Yes, you heard me correctly. After finishing his business in the toilet, this little boy is hesitant to flush his poop. And his reason is the most adorable one. According to the darling, he doesn’t want to do it to his new buddy. Moreover, he even apologizes for it, smelling so bad.

What an unusual relationship, isn’t it? Not just that, he is crying his eyes out when mommy keeps requesting to finish the deed. Aw! the baby really seems to get attached to poo. If you don’t believe me, please take a look at the video. Do share your sweetheart’s surprising habits while growing up.

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