Merciless Owners Surrender Dog To Kill Shelter Where He Cried Himself To Sleep Until There Was Hope

Dogs are our savior through the nights and intruders. Therefore, they make great companions in our household and also an entertaining baby sitter.

But animal abuse is still not unusual or unheard. Many pet owners drop their friends to the shelter homes suggesting different types of flaws. However, who is perfect, a dog has both bad and pleasant days. As we don’t speak the saw dialect, we need to be more careful while taking care.

An honest and loyal animal needs a lot of love, and it will repay you through attentiveness. In the clip below is the story of our canine friend. The streets to the shelter and eventually to the rescue house. Nevertheless, our lucky friends here has a happy ending. A generous fellow adopted him, and he lives in harmony with his new owner. It breaks my heart to hear these stories. Please share your perception of animal abuse.

Please share this with your loved ones. A reminder to stop harming and throwing your pets in the street