She Just Can’t Stop Crying Over How Cute Her New Puppy Is

We all love a video that has both kids and puppies. Well here’s one that tops out on the ‘adorable’ scale because this little girl is so overwhelmed by her new puppy.

The little girl in this video is Haidyn and she’s always wanted a puppy. Now that she finally got one, she just can’t help but cry. “He’s just cute, I love him and his head,” she says. “Why are you crying?” Mom asks. “Because I love him and he’s so cute!” Haidyn says.

“Are you just happy?” Mom asks. “Yeah, I just miss him so much!” she says, even though he’s holding the puppy and hasn’t put him down since she got him! Mom even tries to console her by telling her “He’s going to live with us now.” But little Haidyn still cries because, as she says, he’s just so cute!

You will surely smile from ear to ear watching this. Watch the full video below!

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