Teen Discovers “Doll” Hidden at Usps Mailbox, Years Later Meets Woman He Saved

It was just another day for Bob Halstead. He was making his way to the bus stop. Unaware that this day will leave a large print in his life. Unfortunately, Bob missed his regular carpool to his Notre Dame high school. The story dates back all the way to 1968.

Having missed the vehicle, Bob was running late for his classes. With no other options in hand, Bob decided to walk to his high school. While he was heading in the direction, he noticed a USPS drop-off box. Outside the box was a peculiar-looking package. Initially, he didn’t pay much attention, but curiosity got the best of him. Hence, he decided to inspect what was inside. At first glance, it looked like a mechanical doll with blinking eyes. But it didn’t take long for Bob to realize it was an actual human baby.

Now known as  Susan Akie-Mote, Baby Susan was left behind hours after her birth, with the umbilical cord still attached. Bob ran to alert his mother “Marie”. Thankfully, Bob’s quick thinking saved the baby’s life. Now,  Susan Akie-Mote is a nurse, a mother of three, living in  Long Island, NY. Recently the two reunited after Susan decided to do some deep research on her childhood.

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