Angry British Tourist Who Wants To Free Caged Chicken For Sale, Bites Seller’s Hands

A British tourist was filmed in a Moroccan market slurring a local market trader. The unnamed woman was shouting and ranting on a market seller, even calling them uneducated. She was shouting and swearing at the people in the market after they gathered around her to know what the commotion was about. Her outrageous act was caught on camera and was uploaded online. The video shows the woman pointing at one particular seller and shouting abusive words at him.

She also turned to the person capturing her crazy act and curses at him before giving the middle finger. After all her shouting, she climbed up on top of the cage where the chickens are and tried to pull it open. The seller was trying to stop her by holding the top of the cage until she appears to bite his hand before shouting, “get off”. Other people tried to stop her while she shoved and punches the people around her. They were able to detain her after a while before the police arrived. The seller did not press any charges against the unidentified woman, however, the police took her to a hospital to be treated for hysteria.

Source: Twitter

After a while, she can be heard shouting, “you don’t treat animals like that.” Indicating that she must have been an animal advocate. However, the video that was uploaded on Twitter caused outrage in Morocco, where people say that she had disrespected the local culture.

One Twitter user pointed out: “She doesn’t seem to realize that those chickens mean income to this man and his family. #WhitePrivilege”. Watch the full video here:

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