67-year Old Woman Gives A Tour Of Her House With Over 1000 Cats

Even though the news is full of bad stories, there are still amazing stories that showcase people’s good deeds. Like this woman from Parlier, California named Lynea Lattanzio. Lattanzio who gave up her 4,200 square foot home to live in a trailer. This way, she can give space to the cat sanctuary she founded, called Cat House on the Kings. This cat sanctuary was known as California’s biggest feline sanctuary that houses abandoned cats that are not confined in cages.

Cat House on the Kings was founded over 25 years ago after her divorce. Initially, she just wanted to replace the two cats she lost of old age. But then, Lattanzio decided to dedicate her life in rescuing and taking care of abandoned cats that she found from shelters and abusive homes. For the first seven years of running the house, she used her own money for the finances. She even sold her car and wedding ring to keep it going. She also became a qualified veterinary technician to personally take care of the cats. 

Source: Cat House on the Kings

Now, volunteers help her take care of over a thousand cats. They start as early as 4 in the morning to feed and give medical attention to the cats. The house with five bedrooms, a bar, and a swimming pool was turned into a cat haven. She provided wood stove room to keep the cats warm and even an indoor garden. She also wanted to make her trailer a “cat-free zone” however, she just can’t seem to get away from them and ended up living with twenty cats and four dogs. Some of the cats are also available for adoption and can be checked on their website.

She said that she loves cats because they are “independent, beautiful, and graceful.” In total, she’s already lived with more than 28,000 cats and 7000 dogs! Watch her story here:

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