Farmer Starts Playing Trombone on an Empty Field. Now Watch Who Comes Running to Enjoy His Music

Have you ever heard about music working on animals? Here is an example of how a farmer’s music works on cows. It will make sense after you watch the video.

Cows are suspected of having some relation with relaxing music to boost milk production. A study done at the University of Leicester in the UK shows that milk production rose as much as 3 percent when the cows listened to relaxing tunes rather than fast songs. There are many resources regarding cows responding to music, which might also be an indication that cows are music lovers.

cows enjoying music

In this video, when the farmer starts playing his instrument, and there were no cows in the surroundings. After a while, you could see cows coming towards the music. This scene is surreal to watch. Either they were out of there towards the music due to curiosity; otherwise, the chase for the music among the cows is beautiful. If music provides relaxation on humans, why wouldn’t it work on animals? Also, some claim that music can be a distraction from the usual things they are hearing. While this might be a different opinion, the study has proven that listening to certain slow music vibes them up rather than fast beats which might also be a base to tell that cows do have their sole taste of music.

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