Couple Finds Rude Note Calling Their House an ‘Eye Sore’ – So Locals Took an Immediate Action

It is not easy to be an elderly couple with almost no funds to renovate your house. What’s worse to have your house named an eyesore despite all the hardships you have to through in life?

Jimmy Curcuru is an elderly gentleman from  Gloucester, Massachusetts. He has been living with his wife Marilyn there for the past 50 years. Sadly, both the couple had been suffering from illnesses. Marilyn even has been bedridden for the past 4 years after multiple sclerosis 30 years ago. Jimmy had been working in several jobs including a business of his own but it was to no avail.

The couple was not being able to repaint or repair their house. One day, Jimmy found a rude letter in their mailbox saying his house was an “eyesore”. Faye Passini, his neighbor, helped the couple raise $78,000 through GoFundMe. The couple was able to afford a newly painted house, a new pair of windows, and a staircase for their house.

The house looked terrific after the renovation. Watch the full video below!

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