Cops Lip Sync America’s Favorite Song but Have No Clue They’re Recording a Viral Video

You’ve probably heard about the friendly competitions that go on between police stations! Most of it is concerning keeping down crime rates or closing cases. However, just because they are doesn’t mean they can’t have other interests. And when the Norfolk Police Department was challenged to a lip sync battle, they sure delivered!

Can you believe that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk” came out in 2014! Although the release date was a while ago, the funky song still feels relevant. In my opinion, it’s the bright music and jazzy beats that make it feel fresh. Not to mention, people who put a spin on it like this team of law enforcers!

norfolk police lip sync

The video starts with a handsome officer leading a team through the hallway. As the song begins, the lip sync is on point and not to mention the incredible acting of the backup dancers! Slowly, more cops start merging in, and the station starts looking like a fun parade. Moreover, after collecting all the staff, they do a synchronized dance in the lobby. Furthermore, they rollick past the blinking motorcycles and make their way outside in full effect!

Watch the fantastic video below:

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