Cop Stops Distraught 79-Yr-Old for Speeding – But Then Does Something Amazing

Getting stopped by a cop can be one of the worst experiences on the road. And for whatever reason, it seems like some people tend to get unlucky mostly when they are frustrated or in a rush. Here’s a story like that but it goes different for all the right reasons.

David is a 79-year-old elderly man who was in rush to get home. The old man had only pure and genuine intentions towards his sick wife when he got her a TV. Sadly, he did not know how to hook it up, so he started going place to place all around town looking for someone he could hire to get the job done. That’s when he encountered Officer Kevin Coates, who clocked him speeding.

As the cops stopped him for crossing speeding limits, he told them his part of the story. Upon knowing he was not tech-savvy and no one wanted to help him, Officer Coates along with officers Remi Verougstraete and Jeremy Jakushevich decided to help him. The elderly gentleman received help while the kind officers received praises as they deserve.

This story is very heartwarming. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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