Teen Shields Elderly Woman From the Rain – Then a Cop Pulls Him Over For It

The duty of a police officer never ends until and unless they retire from the service. They keep a close eye on the surroundings, always on the lookout for addicts, criminals. But that doesn’t mean they let a good deed go unnoticed or unpraised.

Officer Holt has seen many despicable people in his life; thankfully, this wasn’t one of those experiences. It was pouring rain and Officer Holt was going by his day, making rounds. That’s when he noticed something refreshing in this world divided by love and hatred.

A teenager got out of his van to help an elderly adult. The boy took out his jacket, shielded the elderly woman, and help her get to the car. Officer Holt was amazed by this act of kindness, especially from a teenager.


The Missouri officer took a picture of the teenage boy helping the woman. He then posted the good deed captioning, “I told his mom that she has done amazing with him, and I hope and pray he goes places. She started tearing up because I was a cop and took time out of my day to call him out on what I witnessed”.

The post went viral, people reaching out, praising the kind deed from all over the world. In the recent interview Officer Holt even invited the boy for dinner to thank him for such a kind act.

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