Mom Hilariously Follows Her Complaining Husky Around The House To Find Out What He Wants

We train our pets in myriads of ways to boost the relationship. But there are some traits these animals pick up on their own. Take this Stubborn husky, for instance. Zeus is internet famous for his whining howls when in need of something.

In the clip below, the furry canine walked into his mom’s room and began the whining. It’s clear that something is missing for Zeus. The owner asks a few times but gets nothing more than constant moaning. So, she asks Zeus to show what he wants? The dog takes the woman straight to the food bowls. At first, the owner thinks they are hungry.


But then the Husky moves towards the kitchen cabinet and howls while signaling to the last drawer. Which happens to have all the yummy delights for the canine. It turns out Zeus wants more treats, and he is not shying away to inform his mom. Although reluctant at first, the owner opens the cabinet and gives both of her pets a treat. One more glance to the puppy dog eyes, the mother goes in for more treats.

Please enjoy this hilarious clip.

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