Family Decorates Tree With Lights – Then Puts on Music And Stuns The Internet With Spectacular Light Show

People are getting more creative with every other Christmas. And the availability of cool gadgets and variance of lights makes the whole process even more exciting. Furthermore, this year, people will go overboard to drown the sorrows of the year 2020.

Therefore, we can expect competition and a whole lot of innovative Christmas exposure, right in our backyards and neighboring houses. Jon Wawras is one of our creative Christmas lovers. In the ten feet x-mas tree he has set up, 7000 lights drawing almost over 25 amps power when turned on completely.

That is one giant glowing light bulb, if you ask me. However, his creation doesn’t end there. He synchronizes the light movements with unique musical beats. From hip-hop to the trending pops, Jon covers them all. From songs like, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift to Frozen’s Let It Go, he astonishes his audiences.

And why wouldn’t one be the? The dazzling lights are hard to take your eyes off. Once they start, we are all like the kittens trying to keep up with the glowing light moving in the sections of the tree. I hope you enjoy this fantastic showcasing of lights and music combined to create something so divine. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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