With Christmas so close, people have decked out their homes with lights. The colorful lights, the smell of cookies, and the nostalgic Christmas jingles. Furthermore, what is cuter than babies in holiday theme costumes?

In the clip below is footage of the Christmas recital. Usually, toddlers dress up and mess up all the dance steps instruction. Hence, this is no different than the rest of the videos. The performance takes place in a school located in California.

The kids are around 3-year-olds. All of the girls are dressed in a brown dress with resemblance antlers of reindeer. Initially, the girls make somewhat effort on the routine.
However, once they reach halfway through the song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, they give up altogether. Most of them just sit there staring a the crowd, looking adorable. The two little ones on end still try to put in some effort. But by the end, even they give up the instruction coming from the front.

Please press play and enjoy this first recital of the baby girls. Do share your blessing with the little ones.

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