Choir Creates the Sound of a Rainstorm Using Their Hands in Awesome Cover of ‘Africa’

In my opinion, choirs are the testament to the capacity of the human voice. Moreover, it proves that we can achieve the beauty of a whole orchestra with only our tone! I’m sure you’ve seen incredible choir performances before. But this particular chorale group uses beyond their voices to captivate us with a popular song!

“Africa” is a hit song by Toto, which is still relevant today since its release in 1982. Moreover, this timeless song is a favorite of many artists to cover. This includes the renditions that different choirs have sung! However, none compares to this performance by the Angel City Chorale. Not only do the vocals sound divine, but they were able to create the sound of a rainstorm just using their hands!

chorale africa

At first, the conductor starts rubbing her hands in a circular motion. The large chorale group follows, which makes a subtle windy sound. Moreover, the rain seems so real when they start snapping their fingers! It’s unbelievable how realistic it sounds, especially when they jump to make thunder. Furthermore, their harmonies of the song are heavenly! And the buildup in the chorus is hair-raising. Watch the incredible performance below:

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