88 Yr-old With Broken Hip is on the Ground for 4 Hrs – Then These Teens Show Up

Old age comes with a lot of wisdom. But unfortunately, our body doesn’t quite cooperate with us. So, you need people who can assist you with things that you. However, there are some people who, regardless of age, want to do something for themselves! Unfortunately, this 88-year-old who had to pay the consequences of mowing the lawn on his own.

One day, this grandfather from West Thurston County, Washington, was mowing the lawn when he fell and broke his hip. No one was around the time, so he was on the ground for hours with the agonizing pain. Only after 4 hours, three middle-schoolers spotted the helpless man and called for help. But that’s not the only helping hand he got that day!

emt mowing

When the EMT came to give medical assistance, they saw what he was doing when the accident happened. They noticed that he had a passion for keeping such a lovely yard. So, they picked up the mower and completed the work for him. Incredibly, the sweet grandfather got to witness two acts of kindness in his day of need! Watch the video below:

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