Baby Goat Wants to Play With This Horse, I Am in Awe How She Delivers the Message

Babysitting is a tough job! If you have any experience handling kids, you know that they are unpredictable. Moreover, they have a great imagination and make the most out of their surroundings to have fun. So, you never know what they’ll be up to next! But this horse doesn’t seem to mind.

Most horses are known for their galloping and speed. However, Mr. G has a unique quality that has made him famous in the meadow! The brown horse is the most patient animal that I have ever seen! And others have been cashing on his even temper to take care of kids. Expressly, three naughty baby goats!

mr g

As Mr. G sits calmly in the middle of the enclosure, the baby goats are up to no good. Moreover, one curious kid attempts to climb on top of Mr. G before tumbling down. Fortunately, it manages to make it in his second try. Furthermore, it calls its friends to do the same. Meanwhile, a calm Mr. G is sitting like nothing is happening! Finally, after a while of playing on top of the horse’s back, hop along to another adventure. Watch the funny video below:

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