Brave Woman Gets Elected As Senior Chief In Malawi, Then She Ends More Than 850 Child Marriages

What would you do if you were a child and you were forcibly married away before you even hit 15? We can’t even imagine. But these girls in Malawi face this struggle every day. About 50% of the females in Malawi get married before reaching 18. When this happens, they drop school and stay home to do household chores. And with major odds of getting pregnant right after, going to school or work doesn’t make for a good option.

Then this unsung hero comes into the picture. Never in a million years did Theresa Kachindamoto think she would grow up to become a senior chief of her town. Since she was ‘good with people’, they elected her and surprisingly she won! Ever since she has made it her mission to save young girls from the horrors of child marriage. Most child marriages breed out of financial need. But this common practice has forced countless girls to separate from family and deprived them of quality education.

Kachindamoto has annulled more than 850 child marriages so she can send girls back to school. She shares that she could no longer bear girls being robbed of their innocent childhood with husbands and babies. And whether anyone liked it or not, she was going to terminate child marriage.

WATCH the video below for an inspiring interview with this heroic woman.

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