Acrobatic Woman Flees From Cops by Leaping From Roof to Roof

John F. Kennedy said, “Great crisis produce great men and great deeds of courage”. But it is unsure whether those deeds would actually lead to good results or not! Bravery is definitely an asset but maybe not for this acrobatic woman whose stunts have become the talk of the town!

The video features a female thief trying to look for an escape from the cops. Initially, she is recorded with her male partner, driving dangerously fast. The chase gets even more intense as they leave the car and make a run for it. She climbs onto someone’s roof and when she is unable to find a way out, she leaps to the other building.

We give the female robber a 10/10 for her agility and courage! However, using such impressive skills for a good cause would have done her better…

WATCH the video to witness her leap of faith!

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