7-yr-old Comes Barreling Thru Door – Her Reason Got Me Worried

Our streets lurk with crimes, which is not a surprise. Though we may not be able to stop them on our own. But we can warn our children about what and what not to do if you face this situation.

And Seven-year-old Emmy McCardell was taught right. If she would not have acted above her age, her life would have taken a serious and dangerous turn. But that god to her quick thinking behavior, Emmy escaped the unthinkable.

This clip below shows we can minimize them with proper knowledge. Emmy was sunbathing when a car pulls up to their house. A friendly voice comes out, asking if she needs a bicycle. She states:

“I didn’t want to go with him because I didn’t know him and he looked like a tricky man.”

The seven-year-old then runs inside her home, yelling no. This chilling footage is captured on a surveillance camera. Please take a look and share your thoughts.

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