If you think that only humans are the ones who can experience emotions, you’d be really wrong. Animals are just as capable of feeling complex emotions like humans. They can be really affectionate towards those they trust, and it’s heartwarming to be on the receiving end of their affection. If you have any pets, you know just how wonderful they can be! It’s not just domestic animals like cats and dogs who do this though.

The adorable hen in the following video is all the proof you need to see to realize that farm animals too can be really emotional. Meet Camus. He’s a Silkie chicken that calls the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary his home. The sanctuary, located in Oregon, is home to over 200 animals. While cats and dogs are easier to handle, there are so many farm animals that don’t get the same attention. Camus was one of the lucky ones who found a home there.

He is not the friendliest bird though. It is said that he doesn’t really like anybody in the sanctuary very much. But every time he sees his rescuer, he turns into a totally different critter. This video shows him literally running into the arms of his rescuer, who he considers to be his best friend. He seems to feel really safe and at home with this man, and it’s just amazing to watch.

Who says animals can’t feel emotional after watching this video? What’s even more surprising is that Camus does this every single day!

Check out this amazing video below:

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