This Is How to Make a Delicious Cherry Pie in a Mason Jar

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Cherry pies are a favorite for both adults and children. Nothing feels better than the fresh aroma of cherries in the air.

However, it is almost tough to prepare a whole pie on a daily basis. One has a lot of work to do if he wants a taste of this delicacy. Thankfully, The Casserole Queens are here to save you from all the work. You can now prepare cherry pie in a Mason Jar! These jars will come in handy for more than just storage.

You will only need to follow a few very simple steps. The ingredients are just as simple and the ones you can easily find from scratch at home. The cherry pies are portable and can be used for just any occasion. You will never get enough of this easy recipe.

Moreover, the taste cannot get any better. Watch the full video below!

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