Texas Cheerleader Flies Into Action as She Spots a Choking Boy During Parade

First-aid procedures are worth knowing and always come in handy. Take mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, for example. This technique can help save someone’s life until professional medical care is available. Profound knowledge of few other procedures is equally beneficial.

Take the Heimlich maneuver, for example. You are in a restaurant someone chokes on their foo. By taking swift measures and administering the correct procedure can avoid a possibly fatal accident. Cause let’s be honest, the air is crucial to being alive. The reason I mentioned the “correct procedure” is the first-aid is employed differently on adults in contrast to kids.

Kyra Winters, a Texas school cheerleader, is hailed a hero for her knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver for kids. During the homecoming parade of Rockwell High School; Kyra and her teammates were ready to put on a show. Kyra heard someone screaming for help. It was the two-year-old boy, Clark. The kid choked on a piece of candy. Hence, Kyra made no delay and saved the little kid’s life.

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