Did you know the Oasis famous song, “Wonderwall,” is actually a cover? Like those, there are plenty of songs out there that have been covered over and over again. Mainly due to the lyrics and the melody, it can uphold. One of such songs that we frequently hear different bands singing is none other than “Hallelujah”.

The music was initially sung by the late Leonard Cohen. Thanks to the beautiful musician/singer, we are introduced to one of the timeless songs of history. Something I can hardly feel about music lately. We have heard this amazing musical number a lot of times. But every time a new band joins decides to sing it. We hear it all differently.

This time, it is the renowned Irish musical group,” Celtic Thunder”. Even if you have not heard them, I recommend you give them a listen. The Dublin-based band never ceases to disappoint us. A group of five-six men presents music in a theatrical ambiance. There is something about the way they choose to perform this Leonard’s classic. The audience’s reaction is enough to justify my point.

Please press play and enjoy the clip.

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