Céline Dion Comes Back With a Bang After 5 Years of Mourning for Her Husband!

Céline Dion gave her beautiful voice to the famous soundtracks in Titanic and Beauty and the Beast. Dion has been an inspiration for a lot of people and her music will always be a beautiful escape for everyone.  Sadly, her career took a halt after her husband of 22 years passed away due to throat cancer.

This phenomenal singer knew her husband and manager René Angélil since she was 12 and got married at the age of 25. The couple also has three children together. His death had traumatized Céline and she decided to take a break from her singing career and the limelight.

However, this 53-year-old singer has now bounced back with her new show. She says her show is about life, happiness, and coping with losses in life. Hopefully, she will be able to continue her singing career and give us legendary hits soon again.

We hope she gets the best from her inspirational new show. Watch her announcement video below!

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