Adorable Penguin in Japan Walks Into Town To Get a Fish From His Local Market

You are walking down the street performing your daily chores. All of a sudden on a fish market, you see a penguin standing next to you. He nods you a good morning and goes on buying a fish. What would you do? I am sure, you will be as shocked as the onlookers in Japan.

Meet Lala, an adorable King penguin who lived with a Japanese family for many years. But, he is not an ordinary pet you see in your neighborhood. Apart from coming right out of artic, he has a different daily routine. The Japanese family didn’t shy away from having a penguin as their family member.


The video from the ’90s that features LaLa trekking from his home to the fish market is filled with heartwarming scenes of both children and adults alike enjoying and smiling at the adorable but clueless person.

Afterward, a neighbor sprays him with water from a garden hose, so he can cool off. He spent some quality time with the Nishimotos while they scratched under his chin after the success of LaLa.  Unfortunately, by 1998, he had passed away. However, his memory continues to live on in the form of a video:

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