Man and Cat Locked in a Hilariously Tense Battle Over Who Runs the Household

Living with cats is not an easy thing to do, especially if they’re bossier than you are. Let’s face it; cats don’t like to show affection to their owners. And whenever there’s a chance, they’d place their authority without hesitation. So, when Nicole Jones found Carrot, it took him no time to show her who’s the boss.

Carrot would run around the house according to his own free will. And he would not listen to them at all. He takes his parent’s food right off their plates, knocks the magnets off the fridge, and steals food from the pantry. While Nicole finds it amusing and adorable, her husband, on the other hand, has had enough.

cat vs. human

Nicole’s husband tries his best to discipline Carrot. But unfortunately, the plan always fails. He chases the cat around the house, but that never works. And this time, Nicole captured the perfect “battle of the superior” moment.

Carrot keeps opening the blinds while Nicole’s husband wants it off. The two go back and forth, closing and opening the blind as Nicole laughs, taking the video. And as usual, it’s the cat that wins.

WATCH the hilarious battle below.

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