Viral Video Of Cat Going Crazy In A Room Full Of Toilet Paper Will Make Your Day

If you are a cat owner, you are definitely familiar with this situation. You walk in to the bathroom desperate for a pee, only to discover that your toilet paper has been unrolled, shredded, and drooled on by your cat?

Cats are hunters by nature, so they have a hard time resisting something fluttering around in the air, such as the end of a toilet paper roll. Attacking it naturally causes it to unroll, which adds to the fun. This is results in a hilarious encounter like this viral video of Pusic.

Pusic the cat

Meet Pusic, a cat who was rescued from the streets of Belarus in 2014 as a sick stray kitten. Pusic’s new family soon discovered that, like many young cats, he enjoyed the sound of toilet paper and enjoyed playing with it. Because they adore him, his parents decided to spoil him by creating an amazing playroom for him.

They purchased 100 new rolls of toilet paper and distributed them throughout the living room – on the wall, the floor, and the ceiling. They also set up a camera to record Pusic’s first moments in his new playroom. What was the cat’s reaction? They’re in for a treat! They are unpredictably unpredictable!

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