His Owner Can’t Hear, So This Clever Cat Uses Sign Language to Communicate to Him

Humans are said to be the most superior creatures on the planet. Out levels of intelligence cannot be compared to other animals. We have complex and amazing ways to communicate with each other. Among the hundreds of other languages in the world, sign language was developed for the hard of hearing to communicate easily with others. It is quite a versatile language indeed.

Over the course of years, humans have taught gorillas to communicate with sign language. Koko the gorilla was known all around the world as the first gorilla to be able to sign. But why limit this to only gorillas—why not cats? Cats are smarter than you’d think. You might think they are not as intelligent as dogs, but they can learn to understand and communicate in their own ways.

In this video, a deaf and mute owner was sitting at the dinner table and eating. His cat joins him and looked very interested in what he was snacking on. He then tries to say something to him using sign language. The cat wanted him to give him some of his food, and how he signs to his owner is absolutely amazing! He pointed his paw at his mouth, indicating he wanted a bite.

Whether the man taught him how to do it, or the cat learned how to use sign language by observing his owners, you have to admit this was really cool!

Check out this amazing video below:

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