Veteran Hears a Flight Attendant Saying This on the Speaker. Now Pay Attention to That Door!

World War II veterans arrived in Washington DC to visit the WWII Memorial on 23rd May 2012. They were on an Honor Flight from South Carolina to Washington DC. An attendant from US Airways wanted to make the veterans feel welcomed when they arrived, so they announced that the veterans would be arriving shortly via the intercom. They encouraged the rest of the people to greet them.

Then something incredible happened. The whole thing turned into a kind of flash mob. Everyone present in the airport took some time out of their busy schedule to cheer the amazing veterans on their way. The precious reaction on the veteran’s faces will no doubt make you smile!

WWII Vets with Honor Flight spontaneously cheered by travelers at Reagan National 0-36 screenshot

Watch this wonderful short video below! It makes you proud, doesn’t it? Be sure to share your thoughts about this video in the comments section!

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