We all lock our pets in a room sometimes–maybe we’re going out and don’t want them roaming around, or maybe they deserve a little time out. Here’s a cat that gets put in a room and isn’t interested in just hanging out there.

Cats are known to be smart and there are lots of stories about things they do. But you can’t ever know how smart your particular animal is until you test it. This guy did and it turns out it, much to his dismay, that it can outsmart him.

In this short clip, the owner puts his cat in a room and closes the door and a few second later, the door opens and the cat comes out. What?? he thinks, so he tries it again with the camera on the same side of the door as the cat. Watch how the cat outsmarts its owner–it will put a smile on your face.

Watch the full video below and tell us if your pet can open the door when they are shut in!

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