They Saw a Cat Under This Car – But When They Zoomed in, It’s Doing Situps!

Cats are one of the smartest animals ever humans should never underestimate a cat’s skills. Here’s one so smart that it’s worried about it health and has started a fitness routine!

This video will make you wonder a lot of things altogether. The cat is so smart that he is able to do situps under someone’s car. This video went viral on the internet for all the proper and obvious reasons. I am not shocked in any way at how this cat really transforms the way you look at cats as a breed of animal wholly.

This video is almost scary but then again, no fitness enthusiastic cat has ever caused anyone any harm. The comment section of this video is filled with people having varied opinions on the cat and what it has been doing under the car. Some speculate that the cat is stuck while others have a funny take on the situation.

This is hilarious though. Watch the full video below!

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