Mother Cat Adopts Spiky Hedgehog Babies as Her Own and It’s Absolutely Adorable

Fostering is the most significant way by which you can help the animals in your locality! Moreover, giving your love to an abandoned or orphaned animal can help them around people. And sometimes the animals can surprise you! And when this person brought home four baby hedgehogs after their mother died, the house cat took a keen interest in them!

Cats are solitary animals. So, they don’t really like interacting with other animals. However, mother cats can be extremely caring and affectionate. And Sonya, the orange tabby, immediately took these prickly orphans under her care.

cat adopts hedgehogs

Although far from her species, Sonya took a particular liking for the adorable bunch of hedgehogs. Moreover, she has a newborn kitten of her own. But that doesn’t stop her from loving her unique foster babies. Furthermore, she goes as far as nursing these spiky creatures! Watch the adorably odd family’s video below:

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