Teen Slinks in Embarrassment When Mom Hops Out of Car to Dance

When you are a teenager, your parents are the most embarrassing people in the world! They are always over-sharing and even seem to behave outright weird! Moreover, this only amplifies when other people are around. But nothing can top this boy’s reaction as his Mom goes out of the car and starts dancing in the middle of traffic!

Traffic jams are the worst! Every second stuck in the road feels like hours. Moreover, there is not much you can do to pass the time. Now, imagine being stuck like this for 5 hours because of a snowstorm! Unfortunately for Wendy Chupp Gosset and her 16-year-old son Nathan, this was the situation they were in a while traveling from Denver to Pueblo. However, when Backstreet Boys came on the radio, Wendy had a brilliant idea!

mom embarrass son

After running out of every topic to talk about, the mother hears a throwback song of her time. And she can’t resist the temptation! At first, Wendy dances in the car, which makes the teen covers his ears. But instead of stopping, she goes a step further and hops out of the vehicle. Moreover, she continues dancing to Everybody “(Backstreet’s Back),” even prancing in the middle of other cars and trucks! However, the funniest reaction comes from her son, who is slinking in embarrassment on the car seat. Watch the hilarious video below:

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