Cat Senses Owner Is Pregnant So She Does the Sweatest Thing

Even though humans have been having pets for decades. There are still certain things they are not quite aware of how the human body functions. Let’s take pregnancy for example.  One day your owner is walking in normal body and gradually you see them grow a big belly.

Naturally, curiosity becomes a part of it. A woman was laying down in her final weeks of pregnancy to enjoy some karaoke. Her cat looked very curious when she spotted the belly and immediately jumped to investigate. She leaps off and fixates herself on the laps. Furthermore, the feline uses her paw and even sniffs to come to a conclusion.

As she is done with her examination. The cuddly fellow gives somewhat like an approving expression. But the question remains. Can cats spot pregnancy? Experts suggest these felines have sharp sight and a sense of smell. They can even pick the tiny heartbeats of the babies.  During these periods the increased metabolism in women makes them warmer. So, don’t be surprised, if your furry companion wants to cuddle.

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