Cashier Bullies An Elderly Man For Paying With Coins, This Woman In The Line Gives A Quick Response

In the past, news of coin shaming in shops and stores have become viral. While some people argue that money is money, one bar in Virginia called out a high school student in Social Media for paying a $20 bill with coins. While they deleted the post after getting a backlash from people, coin shaming is still something that happens every day.

In this episode of What Would You Do (WWYD), the reaction of people witnessing coin shaming was captured in a hidden camera. An old man at the cashier is struggling to count the coins he will use to pay what he bought at a grocery store. The cashier who was growing impatient rudely tells him that he is taking too long to count his change. While many of the people who witnessed it tried to change lanes to avoid waiting on the line for the old man, there are quite a lot of others who did not hesitate to help the old man and even paying for his grocery.

And finally, a father and a son witnessed how rude the cashier was. The father stepped in and tell off the cashier. When she asked him why he would help a stranger, he answered, “Why would you be absolutely inconsiderate of another human being?” and proceeded to ask for her manager. As the cashier pretends to look for her manager, the son helped his father in counting the coins. He was about to take care of the grocery’s payment before the host enters.

As it turns out, the father just lost his wife, the son’s mother. He said that needs to teach his son to be a better person. He also believes that “down straight to the heart, we’re all good people.” Watch the full video here:

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