Recording Shows a Caretaker Assaulting an 84-year-old Elderly Granny

It’s sad when people leave their parents behind in nursing homes. Some might not have the time to care for them because of their hectic schedules while others simply have no inclination to look after the elderly. People need to research a lot about nursing homes before putting their helpless elderly parents there. While they might look like the perfect place for the elderly, where they can interact with others and have fun, there might be other evils that are hidden in plain sight.

For instance, you might have heard of cases of elderly abuse on the internet and news. It’s sad, as elderly people really deserve to live out a happy life at their age. They want nothing but to be loved and cared by their family. But when they are put into nursing homes, their families might be unknowingly putting them in danger. The following video shows a shocking case of elder abuse, and it will make you question your faith in humanity.

This elderly 84-year-old woman had bruises all over her body. When her family asked the nursing home how it happened, they said that she had fallen from the chair. The family then set up a hidden camera in the room, and was horrified by what they saw. The caretaker in charge of caring for the lady was caught brutally beating up the poor woman. She was so frail and feeble, yet the caretaker used her full force on her. Why would anyone do this to a helpless woman?

This footage is shocking millions online. It has also shed light on what might be going on behind closed doors at nursing homes.

Check out this horrifying footage below:

[ytvid id=”YLIpPLOywVI”]

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