Footage Captures Monkey Using Sharp Rock To Break Through Glass At China Zoo

One would wonder why “Rafiki” the monkey in the Legendary movie Lion King debuted this 2019 is the wisest among the animals. Monkeys have far superior intelligence among mammals. Little wonder, such monkey as this is skilled to use tools in digging, cracking nuts open, and process fruits and seeds. They even use them in sexual displays. These Capuchin monkeys are a group of New World monkeys belonging to the subfamily Cebinae. The animals are savvy tool-users and have been employing rocks to help them tackle a variety of tasks for thousands of years.

The white-faced capuchin monkey at Zhengzhou Zoo in China’s Henan province on August 20, left the tourists breathless as the little monkey picked up a sharp stone and proceeded to whack it against the side of its glass enclosure. After a couple of attempts, the glass shattered, frightening the furry assailant and causing it to flee.

The motivation behind the vandalism in the video is unclear. Was the animal hitting the glass out of boredom or curiosity, or was it staging a daring escape? The monkey may well have been stressed due to living in captivity, and a number of commenters have pointed out that keeping highly intelligent wild animals, such as primates, enclosed is cruel.

Should such a brilliant creature be enclosed for entertainment? Watch this video and give your comments as to the treatment of these animals.

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