Man Thought He Was Taking a Normal Video of the Sky Pay Attention to the Mesmerising Light

Northern lights are one of the fascinating destinations for a visit. If you have a bucket list, you have this wish as well. So, the guy in the video decides to make his wish to experience the northern light during the night sky come true. He wants to spend a night under the views of the north on a cold night. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

So in the video, he goes on to show a stunning series of time-lapsed vignettes in the night sky from different locations in Iceland. He captures the beautiful moments with the help of a photographer. However, you need to find the right moment to see these beautiful lights. As they are only visible from September to April and between the hours 6 am to 6 pm. And this unique phenomenon of nature is truly glorious. Because of the fantastic light transmission in the sky, you can see the silky blanket of magic that is moving and breathing in the night sky.

The photography is simply amazing in the video as it shows nature’s wonder in full enormity. These different color lights surely whisper messages of hope and happiness. Are you excited to see a magic light show set fire in the sky during the night?

Watch this video below: 

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