Bus Driver Hits Brakes When She Spots 2 Little Kids on the Road- But Wait Till See the Reason Why

A random act of kindness can go a long way. People can be having the worse day. However, when a stranger comes and shows their kindness and help, the day can get better for both.

Nicole Chamberlain is a bus driver. This hardworking woman is as kind as she can get. On a random day, she spotted two very young children of two and six in the middle of the road. She stopped her bus immediately when she noticed that none of them were wearing warm clothes in such cold weather. The two-year-old was in a diaper!

Nicole was really shocked by the situation and she decided to help them out. She assured them that she’ll take them to their grandma and she did. The grandma was more than thankful to see her grandchildren who she had supposedly lost for a while. There were no pressed charges as the situation was accidental.

Thankfully for Nicole, the children are safe. Watch the whole footage and story below!

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