Watch The Tearful Moment This Severely Burned Dog Reunites With The Vet Who Saved His Life

People compare doctors to gods because they save lives. So, in a way, they might be, especially to the ones they kept. While humans thank their doctors only with words, animals show their gratitude in the most amazing way possible.

When a massive fire broke down around West Palm Beach, Florida, Smokey was tied to a tree. He was in so much pain because someone left the poor guard dog tied. He was severely burned when the firefighters arrived. And he was howling in pain. So, they rushed Smokey to a nearby vet.

burned dog reunites with vet

There, Dr. Latimer treated the poor dog’s injuries. Smokey had severe burns on his hind legs and back of its torso. And with Dr. Latimer’s efforts and hard work, Smokey was finally cured.

One of the firefighters that rescued Smokey fostered him until he found a forever home. And out of so much love, one of the vets from the hospital, Dr. Katelyn Thomas, decided to adopt the Smokey, and she renamed him Fen. They say a dog never forgets who treats them nicely. So, when Fen reunited with his life-saver, Dr. Latimer, it was one of the most beautiful things to watch.

WATCH the beautiful reunion below.

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