This Man Calls Out His Bullies After 35 Years – He Gets a Massive Support From the Internet!

Bullies can be very ruthless and can make one’s life a living nightmare. Many students have worse memories of their school life because of the cruel bullying.

Greg Barrett Gay is a KISD graduate from 1983. He was a victim of bullying during his school days. What’s more awful is that Hindt bullied Greg because his last name is Gay. This brave man decided to come ahead and call out his bully after 35 long years. The irony of the situation is that his bully is the same man sitting on the school board. Greg was pretty thoughtful about his decision.

His brave step manages to make a great impact on bullies. Once Gay’s story was out on the internet, he got a massive and a very overwhelming amount of support from everyone who learned about his story. The bully, Hindt, has now resigned from the school board because of the pathetic things he did in the past. We firmly believe that Hindt got a fair share of lessons from his behavior towards Greg.

Regardless of the passage of time, bullies must be confronted and bullying must be strongly dealt with. Watch the full video below!

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