Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera to See What Bulldogs Do All Day, Gets a Huge Surprise

Dogs are social creatures just like humans. They have evolved from wolves, which are social creatures themselves. They still retain the pack mentality from their wolf ancestors. So it’s natural for them to seek and enjoy some good company. That is what makes them good companions too. They love being around people and this endears them to us.

If you have a dog at home, you know how sad they can be when you have to leave for work or when you have to leave them alone for a little while. They make the saddest expressions when you leave, and go over the moon when you come back home. Some pet owners can’t bear the guilt of leaving their precious pooches alone, so they do all sorts of things to keep them entertained until they come back home.

For instance, the video below shows footage captured by a hidden camera. Someone had set up a hidden camera to see what his bulldogs did when he wasn’t home. He had kept the TV on for them, and things took an interesting turn. The two bulldogs were totally engrossed in the show that showed a cat and a dog! They couldn’t help but bark whenever the cat or the dog came on the screen.

The owner must have had quite a shock when he saw the footage later! Other dog owners can totally relate to this.

Check out this hilarious video below:

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