Deputies Have a Sweet Encounter With an Owl. And It’s Reaction is a Head Turner!

Owls are one of the fascinating birds in the world! Not only do these nocturnal creatures have unique physical characteristics, but they are also fierce predators. Moreover, they have excellent night vision and not to mention their huge eyes make them look adorable and wise. But what happens when this sheriff’s deputy meets an owl in the middle of the road is so fascinating!

According to the Boulder Sheriff’s Department, Colorado, a few of their deputies were driving near a campground when something on the road caught their eye. With further investigation, they realize that it is a baby Northern Saw-Whet Owl!

owl encounter

The avian creature was staying put on the road when a deputy went closer and started filming. However, the adorable bird isn’t afraid of the law enforcer and stares back at the camera! Moreover, the two of them have an intense stare-off complete with a few head turners! Surprisingly, the owl even clicks when the deputy greets it. They also go on to have a full conversation until the bird safely flies away! Watch the sweet encounter below:

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