Lazy Bulldog Was Chilling On The Couch. Now Watch When Mom Says ‘Hi’ To Him…

There are lots of dog breeds on earth. Every breed has a different personality. Boxers are known for their vigor, Saint Bernards are known for their gentleness, while Huskies are known for their talkative side. Bulldogs, on the other hand, are renowned for their laziness. They were originally bred for the sport of bullbaiting and were regarded as being savage and ferocious. But this video shows a complete 180-degree turn in their personality.

This video is a compilation of other smaller videos. It shows us why bulldogs are one of the best companions for your household. There might seem lazy, but that just adds to their charm. Their goofiness is going to melt your heart without a doubt! I wanted to get a bulldog after I watched this!

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