Daughter Was Having A Nervous Breakdown, Supportive Dad Goes Up Onstage To Dance Along!

No matter how old a girl gets, she’ll always remain her father’s little princess. He will not hesitate to go to any lengths to protect his little one. Even if it means embarrassing himself in public! Thus, the dad featured in the video below has set the perfect example for the rest of the dads to follow. Dads all around the world, time to step up your game!

The video features a 2-year-old girl experiencing a stage fright during a dress rehearsal. She sat on the ground while her classmates were performing the routine. Seeing his daughter in distress, the man from Bermuda stepped onstage and danced with her. He had clearly practiced with his daughter before since he nailed the choreography with ease. Moreover, he was holding another one of his babies while dancing with his nervous daughter!

WATCH the wholesome video of this devoted dad performing ballet with his daughter. He’s got all the moves!

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